Friday, 8 February 2013

...fireball whiskey chocolate cupcakes...

Today's day away from the 'Hill' was spent doing some recipe research and play...a bottle of Fireball whiskey and bar of Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate were my inspiration! The recipe I devised was a dark chocolate cake mix using cocoa powder as well as chocolate chunks in the batter to add a good bit of texture. I cored a small part of the cake out when icing to keep the Fireball taste running through the bite. For my icing I used a mix of Fireball whiskey and vanilla essence to cut against the bitterness of the dark chocolate. I plan to decorate these with Valentine's themed painted toppers, but for now have used edible glamour dust...a girl can never have enough glamour dust!


  1. Your fireball cupcakes sounds lovely. Yummy

    1. Why thank you I think you would have approved of the taste:)