Sunday, 27 January 2013

...a 21'st choccy cake...

So last week's cake antics involved getting the KitchenAid out again...always ends in something good going in the oven! The lovely Callum turned 21 last week and fabulous musician that he is I thought I would create an 'Orange' Amp inspired chocolate ginger cake for him.
The cake recipe was altered from one of The Hummingbird Bakery's...Brooklyn Blackout Cake(chocolate addicts heaven!)
I absolutely LOVE Green & Blacks cocoa!

 Okay to the Brooklyn Blackout recipe I added a couple extra ingredients to taste...ginger powder...gingerbread rum (Marks and Spencers- thank you very much, just found this over Christmas!)
 Baked in two square tins and cooled then sliced both cakes in two again...filled with chocolate frosting. This shows before I trimmed the cakes and cut off rough edges.

Strong arms required for coloring the icing...:(
 I next began to cover the cakes and board with the various colors.
 Once covered and relatively smoothed I began painting a wood effect on the board and adding more color to the speaker covering on  top of the cake.
 The emblem and label  is normally stitched onto the speaker covering of the amp, so a-painting I went...
I painted using concentrated icing gel colors (Wilton's I've found quite good to use, different consistencies gained with water). After I applied the emblem I made small corner coverings and got on with painting the dial symbols from the amp, instead of adding actual dials I thought it would be more effective with the symbols enlarged and surrounding the cake.


  1. How good are you! You must have a lot of patience, not to mention willpower not to eat the cake before the job was done..... Well done Miss Fiddletown Cakes and I hope Callum had a great birthday too.

    1. Thank you:) it took some determination! I think he was surprised I'd done it and loved the tea party mom did....homemade cornbeef and potato pies, Callum's cornbeef mad

  2. Wow! Amazing cake. I've made that recipe too and it was delicious. The picture of the square cake before you started to decorate it made my mouth water.
    I'm also extremely jealous of your kitchen aid mixer - I'll keep dropping the hints at home (although it really is a waste of time and energy!) x

    1. Aw thank you:) I know I can't get enough of their recipes too much yummy goodness!

      Keep pushing kitchen aids are amazing:)! Xx